segunda-feira, 18 de novembro de 2013


There's a tree by the end of that road, you see? And it's like knowing that, one day, I'll crash against it...with my 66 GTO... And I'll tare it down...and my life with it.
No reason, just pure tragedy.
And I'll look back, at that very instant...and see it all.
The center of the world, my dying wishes, the sents of my favourite Yous, the shape of my heart,
my mother's face...and the future I still don't know. Memories of You...maybe.

I don't want to loose you...but I did.
But I don't want to loose you...though you're gone.
I can´t loose you, I'm out of my mind...but you're not there.

I crave to say I'm sorry, but I have nothing to say it for...
I had to come, you see? To foreign lands...and leave you be.
To build this life...a better one, to show you for...
So forgive my not kissing you, forgive my staring, the scared child in me.
I remember dreaming about your hair in my chest. Fuck! I'm trying not to care, but I know better.

Broken glasses are now my floor,
and shapes of dying thoughts.
Chattered movements in freezing present days.

To make you my Queen, oh Queen of mine, would be my gold.
To share your books and then to'd be worth a thousand lives.
To see you smile upon my life, would buy my memories of Eternity.
And nothing else could come around, to make this boy a better man!

But time goes by and you're not there.
You've given hands, for my despair...
You've walked a walk I do not care.

Who's the shadow next to you? Does it paint your present blue?
Does it make your dreams come true?

If it's the spirit you've long pursued, then I'll die far...away from you.
And mirrors of shame will make the world forget...

But if a second of your day, still gives you time to read my prays...
then I am here,

oh darling You, to make it true...

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