sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

Busy Life...vs Busy Life!

A busy life. Now, that got me thinking. Got me wondering why our time runs by, differently from one another…
I have a busy life! I’ve had it before, don’t get me wrong. It’s not something that just came up or…something I’ve found on a supermarket package…it’s factual understanding.
To have a busy life you got to transport your focuses. As an example I can give you my past life… Yes, I’ve also had one, just as anybody over 35. No, I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about them!
Now…on my past life I was part of a network and as any member of a network, I gravitated around it. All my efforts and works…well, all my beliefs and try outs had a link to that network. This consumed a big part of my being. I was busy… Had no time (so I thought) for myself. I was busy!
If, as all creations, we’re supposed to be unique, then, I am! Why? What do you know about everybody’s big picture? Is yours the same as your partner’s? Doubt that! Because if you like diamonds, maybe he or she is wrong, as they only like cristals…
Too confusing! Now, some of you might know what I’m talking about, and others don’t! But what I really mean is…I’m back to being busy!
Before, I was busy by not dedicating enough time to myself as a unique person. Now? I’m busy, because I’m the one playing my life’s piano.
Sorry, I am… And due to that, I’m sorry. The challenge is…play my piano and maybe, just maybe, you’re the one.

quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

Strange path to learn again.

Strange path my life is taking to get to you…  I now see the sun from where I stand, but there’ve been moments. …as there will (still) be.
Dark clouds have mourned my fellow friends, my lovers and stronger hearts. Where’s the one who brought me here? Even she has left my sight.
But soft sand has touched my feet and warm hands have cuddled my hair. I now hear the songs of lullaby I was promised… and as a full man I fear no one. I’ve climbed mountains of pearls and made diamonds of simple rocks. I’ve covered wounds with harder skin and with tear drops I’ve made them laugh.
In front of crowds I’ve spoken my words and felt them follow all my leads…they still do. Around simple people I saw the best and all they gave I keep in me.
But strange path this life has chosen, to show me how to understand, why being lost is how we’re found, being hard is how we’re tendered…and knowing nothing is how we learn.

quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

Ravishing soul

Night skies I now see, from windowed glasses of sorrow keys. Would you come by oh long lost way, to shed my dreams and leave me now? Make a spoon of chocolate thoughts, drive to lands of mountain trips. But put me off, from shadow land, make me stop and live again.

Once a boy and now a man, with memories lost and found again. Am I the one? Or sleep I must to wake around the sleepless faith? I shall prevail but at what cost? Tears in portraits of black and white mates? Give a chance, to live again…show me that arms can really hug. Take the last look at my fellow games and say goodbye to all I’ve praised.

Scream out loud you woman of touch…and stop running as time goes by. Sing me a riddle of changing stories and make me believe…once again. Stop the man and stop the child from wondering why should I still live. Why? To suffer hands and nails and hair… No! But cherry love upon a stray moment of me. Still alive I can be, wondering why I must yet see. Where am I now?

To come around my sense of truth, there’s only then, forget the now. I’ve felt it once, never again. But I search deep into my soul, oh songs of rain just let me breath. Yet to be found you are from me, oh love… How I wonder where and how. Moments of laugh and…even to cry, would rise my all into the skies.

Stop all the songs, they’re after me. And nights of faked love I see around me. I’m a man… wish I knew then, without the love, it’s such a shame. They’re after me and run I must! Escape from all the wishing wells, and find the light I long forsake…let me live.

From up above I feel the warmth, the one who’s worth to die for. And due to that the days go on, and on, and on… True love…

And all of this is still to come, to be observed and lived upon. Just scream my name once and for all! Shout out loud you want my strength!  

quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

To Mum and Dad... (Not Original)

To Mum and Dad...


You're beautiful so silently
It lies beneath a shade of blue
It strucks me so violently
When I looked at you

But others pass, they never pause
To feel that magic in your hand
To me you're like a wild rose
They never understand why

I cried for you
When the sky cried for you
And when you went I became a hopeless drifter
But this life was not for you
Though I learned from you
That beauty need only be a whisper

I'll cross the sea for a different world
With your treasure, a secret for me to hold

In many years they may forget
This love of ours or that we met
They may not know
How much you meant to me

I cried for you
When the sky cried for you
And when you went I became a hopeless drifter
But this life was not for you
Though I learned from you
That beauty need only be a whisper

Without you now I see
How fragile the world can be
And I know you've gone away
But in my heart you'll always stay

I cried for you
When the sky cried for you
And when you went I became a hopeless drifter
But this life was not for you
Though I learned from you
That beauty need only be a whisper
That beauty need only be a whisper

By Katie Melua - I cried for you

And I wonder

Children of the wonder, unite! Bodies of promissing pictures, of battlefilds in love with dead fingers...make me proud! Had you known the very own future, horizons of pain and uncertainty, would you've said yes? No...or maybe...yes?
Proud parenting was our aim...do the same but also different, just as rain falls on you. Will you give me love? Will I give it tou you?
Golden paradises were promissed, remember? We'd be the ones...who'd find it better, stronger...and we'd fight for it. Have they stayed? No... Songs no longer give you away, or take you far. They're just there, and you still listen...where did it go? No one knows. The broken glass lies on the floor and memories of old summer days remain there, with it.
Where's the west? Now it's east...yes the sun rises sooner, but sets much faster too. ...and then?
Just imagine...had it been what they foresoke, would it still love you? Flashbacks would take me to a kingdom of smiles...I know, do you?
Now you say, go slow. Why? Because dreams are no longer made of jumps, but of single steps of fear.
No more! No! Let me be! Let me smile away our terrors and trust the untrustable. Let me love without sustain. Let's give away the thoughts and believe, just believe...it's going to be...even if it's not.
You can't fall but on the floor...and that's where we've been, so...
No, not me...I've had enough. Love back the same way, I can't promisse you the skies...but Heaven will be there!
Dream the dream of dreams.


segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2012

...and then!

And the loneliest time had lost its meaning. Loneliness had just started to be the sweetest feeling...and then it was. No more hidings or flatterings, wishes or fundamental truths. Why should it be as it should? Madness could be a substitute of me...why not? If clouds can fly, maybe my papers could too, what do you say? 
Let's hide under a tree, be a bee and buzz away from flower to pray...from every pray to the blue sea of these bruises. Not as birds but as jealous people...running, running in platforms of cold cold metal.
A life of wondering, should I wait? No more, just a simple smile can take me now...and then!