quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

And I wonder

Children of the wonder, unite! Bodies of promissing pictures, of battlefilds in love with dead fingers...make me proud! Had you known the very own future, horizons of pain and uncertainty, would you've said yes? No...or maybe...yes?
Proud parenting was our aim...do the same but also different, just as rain falls on you. Will you give me love? Will I give it tou you?
Golden paradises were promissed, remember? We'd be the ones...who'd find it better, stronger...and we'd fight for it. Have they stayed? No... Songs no longer give you away, or take you far. They're just there, and you still listen...where did it go? No one knows. The broken glass lies on the floor and memories of old summer days remain there, with it.
Where's the west? Now it's east...yes the sun rises sooner, but sets much faster too. ...and then?
Just imagine...had it been what they foresoke, would it still love you? Flashbacks would take me to a kingdom of smiles...I know, do you?
Now you say, go slow. Why? Because dreams are no longer made of jumps, but of single steps of fear.
No more! No! Let me be! Let me smile away our terrors and trust the untrustable. Let me love without sustain. Let's give away the thoughts and believe, just believe...it's going to be...even if it's not.
You can't fall but on the floor...and that's where we've been, so...
No, not me...I've had enough. Love back the same way, I can't promisse you the skies...but Heaven will be there!
Dream the dream of dreams.


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