quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

Ravishing soul

Night skies I now see, from windowed glasses of sorrow keys. Would you come by oh long lost way, to shed my dreams and leave me now? Make a spoon of chocolate thoughts, drive to lands of mountain trips. But put me off, from shadow land, make me stop and live again.

Once a boy and now a man, with memories lost and found again. Am I the one? Or sleep I must to wake around the sleepless faith? I shall prevail but at what cost? Tears in portraits of black and white mates? Give a chance, to live again…show me that arms can really hug. Take the last look at my fellow games and say goodbye to all I’ve praised.

Scream out loud you woman of touch…and stop running as time goes by. Sing me a riddle of changing stories and make me believe…once again. Stop the man and stop the child from wondering why should I still live. Why? To suffer hands and nails and hair… No! But cherry love upon a stray moment of me. Still alive I can be, wondering why I must yet see. Where am I now?

To come around my sense of truth, there’s only then, forget the now. I’ve felt it once, never again. But I search deep into my soul, oh songs of rain just let me breath. Yet to be found you are from me, oh love… How I wonder where and how. Moments of laugh and…even to cry, would rise my all into the skies.

Stop all the songs, they’re after me. And nights of faked love I see around me. I’m a man… wish I knew then, without the love, it’s such a shame. They’re after me and run I must! Escape from all the wishing wells, and find the light I long forsake…let me live.

From up above I feel the warmth, the one who’s worth to die for. And due to that the days go on, and on, and on… True love…

And all of this is still to come, to be observed and lived upon. Just scream my name once and for all! Shout out loud you want my strength!  

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