sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

Busy Life...vs Busy Life!

A busy life. Now, that got me thinking. Got me wondering why our time runs by, differently from one another…
I have a busy life! I’ve had it before, don’t get me wrong. It’s not something that just came up or…something I’ve found on a supermarket package…it’s factual understanding.
To have a busy life you got to transport your focuses. As an example I can give you my past life… Yes, I’ve also had one, just as anybody over 35. No, I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about them!
Now…on my past life I was part of a network and as any member of a network, I gravitated around it. All my efforts and works…well, all my beliefs and try outs had a link to that network. This consumed a big part of my being. I was busy… Had no time (so I thought) for myself. I was busy!
If, as all creations, we’re supposed to be unique, then, I am! Why? What do you know about everybody’s big picture? Is yours the same as your partner’s? Doubt that! Because if you like diamonds, maybe he or she is wrong, as they only like cristals…
Too confusing! Now, some of you might know what I’m talking about, and others don’t! But what I really mean is…I’m back to being busy!
Before, I was busy by not dedicating enough time to myself as a unique person. Now? I’m busy, because I’m the one playing my life’s piano.
Sorry, I am… And due to that, I’m sorry. The challenge is…play my piano and maybe, just maybe, you’re the one.

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  1. Hello!

    Oh busy life!
    First of all, I loved these words. On classes I’ve realized that you have a very fascinating perspective of life and I admire that, because is uncommon.
    It’s very interesting what you said about the “network”. It can be understood in different ways. Right now I think that I’m a member of a kind of network too, with my own interpretation. Lately my life has been a little tricky and I’m not dealing with it very well. In addition, this month was crazy! I have had too many things to do and many things to conciliate and to deal with. And all these things let me without time for myself, time for doing my things, to do things that I love.
    As a result, I’m feeling like I’m in a kind of network of wrong thoughts. These thoughts are those that general population has, like watching life from a wrong perspective and in a conformist way. I know that’s wrong but it’s not easy to face it and turning around life. More than that the biggest problem is to change the mentality… but not impossible!
    So there is a long way to face and to find out. Your words are very inspiring and you seem to be a successful case.
    Right now my main goal for the next month is to be busy with myself. Probably I won’t stop doing what I have done so far but I’ll try to look at things differently. Maybe I'll try to get involved in new things ... like old projects.

    And that’s it… I hope to realize my dream of busy life!

    (The tired girl)