quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012

...she always brings it back.

Stories like his should never be told, for his world is as forbidden as it is fragile.
But…Without its tragedies, it cannot survive. He surely wasn’t born to see what he saw and feel what he felt. He was carried there by the current.
Born blind of one eye, his path was offered to the skyes in return of his recovery. That was his first moment of peace, in Her arms, he thanked all Her prayers. He became marked by the truth. The existence of a sky, a blind eye that came to see.
Sounds of water pursue all his footsteps, as he walks on lakes of tears. Not those which you can find in a cold and wet winter day, but from sad moments of cry.
Moving south, he became aware. Blue Yo-Yos and a dog, by the white house. Those were his first memories. She was always around… Surrounded by forests and wild animals, he grew knowing the war. Underground shelters, with spiders and scorpions, all controlled…against Her chest. Does he remember? No…he’s happy, but sad.
Agony and beauty had always been hand in hand, he knew. So his story continued up north.

Short of height he could still listen to adults cry. And all of them smiled at him, as if he couldn’t hear or even feel, much less understand. She’d be gone… Not even a tenth of his breathing had passed, but so much had he learned from Her. So he cried.
Flying over every second, he crossed the river with his brothers, south once more…but this time close, but far. A new world, with new people. Different people.
So he had to grow up, once more. He learn to walk, to smoke and even to punch. To scream out loud while escaping classes. Even to kiss without love, he lost his innocence in a world of woods. How smooth was the memory of such loss. He became a man.

Why can’t he remember what came then? Memories taken by the voice of the past, he forgot. Like a cut on a friendly movie, or an episode of a favorite series that one has missed. Where did it go? Even today…He lost those moments for good.
He opened his eyes and an intruder had stepped in. No, she couldn’t, she lacked it all. Soon she had left, too…and he could breathe again.
Later on, both brother and sister had to leave, too. Living with his father was never the easiest thing and as She had always taught him, his heart would always forgive…but not forget.
Aging brought wisdom and the eager for new companionship. He found her soon enough and just as she came in, she was gone. At least that’s how he remembers…once again, another episode lost.
But somewhere, just as a dream, he remembers the presence of strong hands. Hands that hold him high and made him believe, once more, in parenthood. A man, his Uncle, his best friend for so long…had to depart, He too had to leave.  So he cried.

Alone in misery he stepped against himself. Thoughts of despair took him to places of dark. But white faces came to rescue. He had friends…he has friends. And they brought him back, gave him new dreams…and so he smiled, he still does.
He met The One in foreign lands, where the smoke tastes sweet and the hair curlies by itself. He saw The One on a beach and heard her by a river while climbing waterfalls. He knew then, what he knows now. It’s possible to love like in the movies, like Romeo and Juliet…why not? And the Best part? The One could see him…even if just for a while, she saw him. And their lips touched…and he was happy, and he smiled. (…)…but she went, and he cried.
Now? His face feels the cold of a windy morning by the sea, while he walks his friend on the beach. Her four legs run faster than the wind as he throws the ball far far away. She brings it back, she always brings it back.

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