quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

Strange path to learn again.

Strange path my life is taking to get to you…  I now see the sun from where I stand, but there’ve been moments. …as there will (still) be.
Dark clouds have mourned my fellow friends, my lovers and stronger hearts. Where’s the one who brought me here? Even she has left my sight.
But soft sand has touched my feet and warm hands have cuddled my hair. I now hear the songs of lullaby I was promised… and as a full man I fear no one. I’ve climbed mountains of pearls and made diamonds of simple rocks. I’ve covered wounds with harder skin and with tear drops I’ve made them laugh.
In front of crowds I’ve spoken my words and felt them follow all my leads…they still do. Around simple people I saw the best and all they gave I keep in me.
But strange path this life has chosen, to show me how to understand, why being lost is how we’re found, being hard is how we’re tendered…and knowing nothing is how we learn.

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