quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2014

The Tree

There's a tree somewhere. A tree of excitements, of calm thoughts, a tree of parallel universes. A tree somewhere...where we can be quiet and explosive. A tree.
I remember sitting under it at some point. Remember lying on the grass. There were sounds and sents, colors and flames. The sun glazed upon me through its arms. I felt safe.
There's that tree somewhere. Where all shadows remain quiet and dance across my human self.
It grew where all dreams where made. It rose towards the horizon as a picture on my walls. I remember it.
I remember it being so tall, as I grew up, older.
I still remember its smell, of green, of greatness.
There's a tree somewhere...and I'll see it again. I'll sleep upon its shadows, once more.
I just 'got to remember it. I just 'got to find it again.

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