quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2014

A million miles away


What if one life is not enough? What if the space between each dream or desire is too narrow and the lanes are just not enough? I've dreamt too much, or maybe not, but time is just not long enough.
One life...to make it happen. All of my secrets, all of my wishes, they're just too many. And one life, not big enough.
No complaints though, each time I stop, I know, each one is reached. Without knowing how or why, or just because I've tried hard enough, I find the arrow that shows the way. It's been like that ever since. All I've got to do is be honest about it, wih me, with my own life.
I've stopped planning a long time ago. I've found there was no point in trying to control the path. Took my hand of the wheal. Began to fly without knowing the pilot and let it all flow as such. Why bother, if life is not mine to control?
I just stop, when that time comes. I wait and see. I let it surprise me, good or bad, something's got to give. And give is all I have.
So, I got to know my deepest dreams. Not the ones I thought I knew, but the ones I was prepared for. The ones I was made for. And should I accept them, I came to realize that those would really let me be what I'm meant to be.
Some of us are made to be artists, in our own peculiar ways, others are meant to be loved. Some people were born to make others happy, or to help others simply rule the world. But only some of us know why. I (still) don't.
But there's a price you must pay. One life is not enough if you let yourself go. You dream too many dreams. And if you choose to let time take care of your destinies, you'll find there's not enough space to fit them all. And they can be a million miles away.
You want more. I want more. But the road I follow isn't large enough.
One by one I've been reaching my secret goals, But for that I must pay the price not to choose a single one. Time has shown me I can't stop it. And it goes by.
If you're born to be a jumper, how can you dream of steady flowers? That's the price.
I've dreamt another dream, and once again that dream is taking me away. Away from single flowers, from smaller creatures, apart from a single pair of hands, one heart, for I was born to go far.
And both dreams are too large to cope, a million miles away.


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