quinta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2014

Fixed eyes.

Be a squirrel on a bench at sunset,
or a famous flee on a circus in Romenia.
Start howling when the sun rises or for someone you've just met.
Make the best of it and cry tears for those you've let.
Imagine your life as an arch or a round proscenia.

Be human, or yet a lonely being,
full of wonders and thunders in you.
Make them fly, watch them sing,
let them show you what is living.
Or just paint the flowers blue.

But Be, oh glorious You, just Be.
Even when the sky kills the sence of hapiness.
Be a deer, be a sparrow, or make honey as a bee,
and find the truth in what you do, but just Be.
Forget the pain of every step, of loneliness.

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