quinta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2014

I'm still into you.

I'm not sure how it ends, this whole story. I've never met such imperfections, but then again it ain't supposed to be. Oh show me how to get there.
I could make you laugh your life away. But I'm buried under wet and cold fur.
I'd take you in my arms and carry your gold.
I'd kiss you every night, before your dreams. Speak soon enough about making them real.
I still remember the curse of seeing your eyes for the first time. Full of warm mornings.
Remembering your words. Cold hellos and bitter nods. Still, you've noticed me.
Oh gentle world, the one I've lost.
Whisper this and die for me. All I'd ask. But I'd smile for you.
You make the trains stop and clouds cry. It'd all come true.
I'm still into you.
I'm a fool...

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