sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2012

Thanks Paddy...;)

Johnny's got high expectations, he's going to rise.
Everyone knows, that Johnny is ready, he's going to fly.

Up on the rooftop he turns to the crowd.
No one is waiting, no one is there...

Knobody knows, why Elvis threw it all away.
Nobody knows, what Ruby had to hide.
Nobody knows, why some of us get broken hearts,
and some of us find a world, that's clear and bright.
You could be packed up and ready, knowing exactly, where to go.

How can you miss the connection?
No use asking... the answer is nobody knows.

Johhny will keep his illusions, what else can he do?
And you can pretend, that it would be different, if it happened to you.

But on the rooftop, it's a whole other world.

And who could see heaven, and not want to stay?

Thanks Paddy...for remembering ;)

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