segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

I wish I hadn't met you, but I'm glad I did.

Over clouds of cotton candy, sparkling lights and dancing stars. 
Talking gods on flying shadows. 
Creepy fears.
Wet goodbyes and crying cheers. 
Truthfull dreams on other men's nights.
Who could tell it? 
A universe closer to the darkness of the infinite. 
Who would say?
Story tellers die that way, knowing nothing but pure feelings.

Going where I go.
Breakfast waitings and shy smiles.
Funny jogging in the morning.
Buses, taxis and other conversations.
I haven't slept.
I wonder why.

Loosing sights and empty hours.
Oceans, roads and shopping centres.
...and the sunset,
painted in small boxes of memory.


Cigarette lights, hotel rooms.
Cities and blinding nights.
Mountains, scarfs and other cosy touches.
Souvenirs, drivers and other people's laughs.

Tickets and mixed-up names.
I'm now someone else.

Sharing dinners after midnight.
Crowded moments.
Empty voices.
Friendly chats.
Little times,
 and scents of you.

Beautiful houses.
The picture never taken.
Calling me sweet.
Calling you at work.

Funny costumes.
Three world buildings.
Filled up pots that let us free.
Wish I could sing it right there.
Sing for you.

Fast sleeps and happy morning calls.
Sleepy juices.
Combined escapes.
Forced emeralds and Christmas families.

Hard climbs and shared prays.
Never ending views.
Pianos and fireplaces.
Day dreaming of that perfect day.

Corridors, schedules and conveyors.
Flying hours.
Waiting hours.
Lives unveiled.
Lost luggages in competition.
Fast goodbyes, skin to skin.

Watching you go.

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