sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2012

Luck be a lady

Ever since I was a child the prediction of good and/or bad things happening haunted my dreams. 
Eventually all chances turned out do lead me to the same path. Well, I became sure that there aren't two ways to get there, but a single choice you make at a certain moment, I just let go. Why bother?
Yeah, I know. Risky!...or not! How'd you know? Can't turn back time, or can you? How would you really know if you had turned left instead of right, you wouldn't get here as well? 
You see...Luck is a Lady (someone said before). Can you predict what's coming? ..didn't think so.
I found myself today wondering how... Time? Flew! Dreams? Yeah...basically all. One at a time...or maybe a few at a time every now and then. I took the chances, you see? Learned to never say "no".
Call me a bastard! Call me a lucky bastard if you will.  As a joke, I used to say it out loud...why don't You?
The luckiest unlucky bastard around. Seams life always takes me where I need to go...then I look up and smile. ...and what I thing I want, gets unveiled into what I really need... Surprise me, I love it!
If you "just" let it can become a bitter sweet symphony.

Or's up to you!
The trick? Start wondering, start allowing chances to appear. I did. I payed attention!
I can find dispair, agony or pure heart breaking experiences! I can! I have! So what? It's all part of the sweet sour walkabouts. 
Know what you really want!...and why! Then open your eyes!
Am I happy? Sometimes! Do I have it all? Not a chance! But damn, I'm alive. I make mistakes...I've made mistakes! Yes I have. But honestly? Would I be here if I hadn´t?
There's a logical sense of humor between this life and the next. Take the best of it and stop being affraid.
Yes, Luck is a can never tell what's next!

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