terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012


It's a mystery, you see?
All around seems put there on purpose.
By who?...I ask.
Capacity to adjust and to uphold...cope, I'd say, with it all.
To find directions? No, from old mistakes?
I'm letting my hair grow, just as everything else...letting it all happen without reason or rhyme.
To be completely unaware, no control...have you tried it?
Destinations...I let them all play (me)...that's how I got here.
The rules know me, but I don't know them.
Some say I'm lucky...I say I'm simple.
One thing only...I'll look back, and I've done it. No pride, just said yes.
Songs of others.
Yes, they play this mystery...proof I'm not the only one.
Somebody else. Maybe not all of it.
Surrounded by me, and me only...and thoughts. Memories?
I can´t tell.
Sorry if you get confused. Try being me, here, everywhere...all the time.
One thing only...unconditional pure love. Passion! To loose oneself completely. That's all.
But it's still a mystery.
Now that I feel ok...began the mystery.
Simplicity. Mystery without knowledge of it...and no search.
Destination? Let me know.

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